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제목 What Is SCI(smart clean information)?
■ Smart Clean Information

One of the biggest parts of building maintenance is cleaning services.
Definitely, a building or facility can make a better first impression to clients with well cleaned walls and floors.

Considering such a situation, we have a dilemma between the cost and services.
It is clear that the more employees are cleaning, the better results come about the cleaning.
However, at the same time, it is ridiculous to employ too many cleaners, which is not economical at all.

We have be thinking of 'how can we resolve the dilemma of our clients?'
Here is an way to solve it!; SCI

Main functions of SCI are about

1. Work management
2. VOC(voice of customer) management
3. Cleaning consumables

We can manage the work by tagging NFC when the cleaner makes work.
With few touches, worker can upload lots of information from checklist to changes or damages.
Later, managers can check works about 'when, where, who, what, how'.
It is gonna make the work process much easier by letting workers schedule more exactly.

Also, when a customer passing by the building finds that something needs to be cleaned, he can simply tag NFC or QR code to make a VOC.
Then it is gonna be dealt ASAP, delivering the best service values.
Moreover, VOCs will be listed and analyzed periodically which will improve the service qualities by checking what customers want, and what are not done well.

About the cost, It can make a database of consumables, which will cut the cost for wasted consumables

Therefore, SCI can provide the best solution for cleaning services with the best service qualities and values.